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The mission of the Louisa Humane Society is to improve the quality of life for the homeless and abandoned animals of Louisa County; and to provide a clean, safe environment for these unwanted animals while making every effort to place adoptable animals into new, loving, responsible homes.

The Louisa Humane Society was formed in 2001 by concerned citizens who recognized that the Louisa County Animal Shelter was in very poor condition and its daily operation was underfunded, understaffed, and generally inadequate for the growing numbers of homeless and unwanted dogs and cats in Louisa County.  The volunteers that make up Louisa Humane Society believe that healthy, adoptable animals do not need to be euthanized if spay and neuter programs are supported, aggressive adoption programs are implemented, and a public educational campaign on responsible pet ownership is launched within the community.  We depend on volunteers and welcome anyone who loves animals and who is willing to give a little time to the effort.  The Louisa Humane Society is incorporated with non-profit 501(c)(3) status.


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The Louisa Humane Society (LHS) is proud to offer high-quality, low-cost spay/neuter services to the residents of Louisa County.  We are only able to offer these services for dogs and cats at this time.  The Louisa Humane Society Public Spay/Neuter Program is not extended to breeders of dogs and/or cats.


Before completing the online application, please recognize that these low-cost services are meant for those who would otherwise be unable to afford to have their pets sterilized.  If you have the option to take your pet to your primary care veterinarian, we would encourage you to do so.


Adult dogs and cats must be in good health and weight.  Elderly and/or overweight pets are at greater risk for complications and require caution in scheduling these services; and services maybe declined at the discretion of the vet.


The Code of Virginia requires that all dogs and cats receive rabies vaccine prior to attaining 4 months of age (§ 3.2-6521). A licensed veterinarian or a licensed veterinary technician under the immediate and direct supervision of a veterinarian must administer the vaccine.  The spay/neuter clinic will provide this vaccination at the time of surgery if the pet has not yet been vaccinated.  If your pet has a current rabies vaccine, then proof of your pet’s certificate from a licensed vet must be provided at check-in on the day of surgery.


Benefits of spaying and neutering your pets:

- Improved pet health and longeveity

- Elimination of “heat cycles” and mating behaviors

- Reduction of aggression

- Reduction or elimination of marking or spraying

- Decreased inclination to wander or roam


Services are by appointment only.  To schedule an appointment,

A representative will contact the client within five (5) calendar days.  Preferred payment before service.  Accepted forms of payment cash, money order, credit card or PayPal:  paypal.com/us/fundraiser/charity/1984050   


Cancellation Policy

Clients must call 540-967-3573 and the clinic as soon as possible prior to the appointment date.  Clients who do not show up for their scheduled appointment and do not contact promptly will not receive services or refund. 



Louisa Humane Society

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Louisa Humane Society PO Box 1837 Louisa, VA 23093